Riverfest 2022 Sponsors @ Nanticoke Riverfest

Nanticoke Riverfest 25th Anniversary

As a token of our appreciation for continued support of the Nanticoke Riverfest, we are making a presentation to our sponsors who have continued to help us throughout the years. This year we are going to do a separate sponsor ceremony before the ending main stage performance, so that we have the maximum amount of patrons to help show our appreciation! It will be Saturday, July 9th at 4:00 p.m.

  • Note: the main stage is not located at the Mt. Olivet Parking Lot, it will be further up High Street in the grass lot across from GMB/fire museum

In the 27 years since its inception, the Nanticoke Riverfest has grown tremendously with the support of our sponsors and we would be amiss if we did not take the time to single you out for your generosity and commitment to our community through this event.