Chasin’ Time

Saturday, July 8, 2017 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sponsored by Clark’s Swimming Pools and Nanticoke Health Services
CHASIN' TIME is a seven piece high energy dance band. After semi-retiring from various groups, they were convinced to clear out their throats, dust off their instruments and come together as one. The result is one of the finest bands with a repertoire including material from the classics to top 40.

CHASIN' TIME is composed of vocalists and musicians that, combined, represent over a century of musical expertise. Their play list includes songs that span over five decades featuring strong female and male lead vocals, tight harmonies, and solid instrumentation. The selections, arrangements, and vocal stylings take a second chair to no one.

CHASIN' TIME is based out of Seaford, Delaware. The front spot light is shared by Kim Speicher and Karen Hearn; two extraordinary vocalists that some say were born singing. Yes, they are sisters and they harmonize as only sisters can but their leads and solos will leave you in awe. Lew Miller is on keyboards, Dolan McMullen handles the lead guitar, Jim Rupp delivers the bass, Jon Hearn drives the percussion along with vocals, and Dave Speicher provides guitar and vocals.

CHASIN' TIME believes that each performance is their most important and appreciates every opportunity. So whether you're planning a wedding, gala, or any special event get the variety and versatility you want to make it one to remember with CHASIN' TIME.