Hidden Idol

The Idol will not be hidden until Saturday, July 14th

As a part of the 2018 "Tiki Time on the Nanticoke” Nanticoke Riverfest event we have reissued the Hidden Idol challenge for our patrons. This year we will hide the Idol that you see in the picture somewhere in the area of Riverfest and issue three clues that you see below. The clues are hidden in the verses of songs.

This year we will only be hiding the idol on Saturday, July 14th, during the actual event. Once the idol has been found, return it to the main information booth and receive a $100.00 cash prize. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


  1. "My sweetheart, my blossom, my wreath Green carnation, so alluring Entwined with small leaf maile Wreath so beautiful, so precious”
  2. "The lights of home look good to me When I return from far across the sea They glow so bright to guide me thru the night Back to the ones who car, waiting for me there”
  3. "Your beacon light shines bright Beaming with a beautiful glow. It’s you that keep a careful watching and
  4. Maintains the accurate time for the town”